And Then The Hot Water Ran Out
And Then The Hot Water Ran Out nsfw stories

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And Then The Hot Water Ran Out

The walk up to Bill's front door feels longer than usual tonight; two flights of steps isn't really that much, but Bill and Liam are both exhausted.

They end up supporting each other on the way up, though Bill needs more help than Liam does.

Once they're at the door, Bill fumbles with his keys and finally shoves them at Liam, who picks out the house key and unlocks the door. "Tired much?" Liam asks, grinning.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, go ahead and tease. It's not like you were the one holding the flogger tonight."

"Did I say I minded that? But come on; we have to get you into the shower," Liam says, peeling off Bill's leather jacket and giving it a whiff.

Just leather and a faint hint of Bill's sweat; it still smells pretty good, which is a nice surprise.

He hangs both Bill's jacket and his own on the coat rack and helps Bill out of his boots--now

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