And The Storm Was Overhead
And The Storm Was Overhead kain highwind stories

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And The Storm Was Overhead

"We'll be landing in Baron shortly, sir."

The world is much less cruel up here. The skies offer a peaceful respite from all the evils of man no matter who you might be, and smells all the sweeter, too.

Below, the sea stretches out almost endlessly and shines and sparkles like a gem might, but all the men aboard the airship would rather be up high,

close to the clouds and away from the stink of salt.

The higher one flies, the freer they are, too: there might still be a deck to cover in only a few footfalls and orders to obey,

but away from the ground one simply imagines themselves better off.

Here there is only their own thoughts to distract them, rather than beasts and noise and all the distractions a world can summon to tempt a man.

While freedom might not be what men truly wish for, time alone can do them a world of good on occasion.

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