And So I Wait.
And So I Wait. questionable psychotherapy stories

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And So I Wait.

It took a few minutes for Will Graham to process the horror that he saw among the trees when he arrived at the crime scene.

He blamed that on the lack of coffee in his system, and not the carnage a few feet away strewn across the forest floor.

The man was thankful it was one of those mornings that he hadn't had time for breakfast. As it was, last nights meal was threatening to make a rude revisit all over his shoes.

Agent Jack Crawford made his way through the scrub over to Will, “Hell of a way to start the afternoon. Forensics is still processing the scene.

Forest rangers got a call about a missing hiker this morning. It didn't take them long to track him from his tent to this place.

” Jack nodded in the direction of the rangers being interviewed by one of the field agents. “We have people looking at his grounds, but there's no sign of struggle.

His tent was left open and we found a roll of toilet paper nearby. Looked like he started to run while relieving himself last night.

” He motioned to Will to follow him with a gloved hand and they walked to where agents Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, and Brian Zeller were crouched over a few segments of the body.

It looked to be the lower jaw of the victim laying near the spinal column. The tongue was still attached to the mandible, making the thing look like an obscene oyster.

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