And she just smiled.
And she just smiled. stories

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She's damaged, so damaged that she'd given up on him before he even got a chance to start.

And she just smiled.

As a single tear fell down her cheek as the sun glistened off of it.

She just smiled. "I'm sick of it."

"People falling in love with my body, with the idea of me. People forgetting that there is more."

"People not loving my soul, my mind, my heart."

"People seeing that there's so much love inside of me, and completely abusing that."

"I'm just so sick of people not bothering to get to know me, and just knowing my body."

And all he did was hold her. And he told her how sorry he was, and how he'd never leave her side-

and she? She laughed in his face.

Which I think may be the saddest part.

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