And one went alone
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And one went alone

The first sign that it wasn't going to be an ordinary day was when his mother shouted for him to come to the phone.

He hardly ever got phone calls, most of his friends didn't live far away and tended to just drop by.

When his mother handed him the receiver and mouthed "Jane Drew" Will just stared at her for a second. He'd had no contact with any of the Drews for about four years.

"Yes", he said as he put the receiver to his ear. It comes out more warily than he'd intended.

"Um...hi, Will, I'm sorry to just call you like this, out of the blue, and it's been such a long's Jane, by the way, Jane Drew. We met on holiday? In Cornwall?"

"Of course, I remember. It's been a while, Jane, how are you? How are Simon and Barney?"

He made his voice as light and carefree as he can with the feeling of foreboding that's growing in his stomach.

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