and on your head a crown
and on your head a crown kenna/sebastian (reign) stories

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and on your head a crown

They’ve been comfortably settled in Scotland for just about four years when Kenna’s father receives news that changes everything.

Father frowns as he reads over the missive that was waiting for him at the head of the table when the two of them came down for breakfast. “The queen is returning.”

Kenna puts down her spoon, suddenly having lost her appetite. “Does it say when?”

“No, but it’s suggested we lords should be ready to attend our liege and pledge fealty to her at Holyrood when she is returned.”

Eventually a summons – officially an invitation, but they both served royals long enough to know better – arrives for Bash and Kenna.

It’s clearly a form letter some secretary is writing on behalf of the queen, but there is a note at the end in Mary’s familiar hand:

It’s signed

, with a flourish.

It’s the command of a queen wrapped in the request of a friend.

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