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and now for something completely different alex kelly stories

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and now for something completely different

“Ma?” Ryan called quietly, pushing open the door to his house.

He was relieved when no one answered and closed the door behind him, still being quiet as he started across the living room to his room.

He let out a tired sigh when he made it to his bedroom, closing the door and sliding the chair under the door.

He glanced over in the corner where his brother’s belongings were sitting on his stripped bed.

Trey had gotten arrested over the weekend and Ryan was planning on bringing him some of his things up to the jail when he managed to borrow a car.

He knew he should have gone with his brother that night, but instead he’d went to his job at the local diner and took an extra shift.

When he’d gotten home, he’d faced the wrath of his mom’s boyfriend who seemed disappointed that he hadn’t been arrested, too, just to get him out of his hair.

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