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And I will follow

“How the fuck did we even end up in this shitty situation?” Heine thought, carrying Badou over his shoulder as he made his way back to the church.

Badou, being unconscious and bleeding and all, couldn't answer this of course.

They had accepted a mission from Granny Liza, to prevent a drug trade in some shady warehouse in the worst part of town.

Sounded easy enough. Just jumping in there and mow down some mooks and let someone else take care of the goods.

Heine wondered briefly since when they started to care about drug trading rings, but he figured as long as he would get paid in the end, he doesn't need to waste time thinking about it.

But the prospect of walking in there, killing some guys and then walking out was quickly crushed when more and more guys appeared.

Suddenly Badou and Heine were facing a small army and even though Heine had no need to be concerned about bullet holes, Badou was down on his knees after roughly ten minutes.

Heine acted as a shield for him but ran out of bullets a few minutes later. Refusing to use the dropped guns of the mooks instead, he grabbed Badou and made a dash for the exit.

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