And Everything Is My Fault (So Spectacular)
And Everything Is My Fault (So Spectacular) jenny the toaster stories

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And Everything Is My Fault (So Spectacular)


Whirr. Whirr.

Wet. Damp.

Water, dripping through cracks in faceplate. Joints. Danger of rust. Short-circuiting. Sit up.

Sit up?

Orientation: lying down.

Rabbit’s head gave a jerk, and with a short burst of steam from her cheek vents, her photoreceptors came back online.

The blue one, as usual, powered up first, and Rabbit blinked several times in an attempt to clear the rain from the lens.

Grey. That was all she could see. Far and up and away, all grey, except—


Another raindrop hit the blue eye, and Rabbit blinked again to clear it as the green one finally sputtered back to life.

Still grey, but there was another, darker shape this time, above her and to the right.

Blink. Focus.


A tree?

Lots of trees.

She had to sit up. Get out of the rain before it made its way inside her innards. It might have done so already, and that would be Bad.

The fingers on Rabbit’s right hand twitched, then tightened, seeking out something sturdy to hold on to.

The metal only slipped over tufts of grass, however, then slumped weakly back against the ground. Rabbit huffed impatiently. Why was she feeling so

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