And As Time Passes
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And As Time Passes

Nanase Akemi is already 6 months pregnant when she and her husband relocate to his childhood home of Iwatobi.

Takumi always wanted them to live here; the quiet seaside town the perfect place to raise children.

When his mother had started complaining about dizzy spells, it had been the perfect opportunity for them to move, and it was with excitement that they packed up their things.

It's a little hard moving from Tottori city,

the conveniences of city life not quite able to be replaced; but she'd quit her office job once she'd realised maternity leave was far too short for her liking,

her work friends dropping away with it.

Plus, she'd always loved the refreshed feeling the small town blossomed in her – the fresh air, the ocean – and she wanted that for her baby; to feel at ease within their home.

Nanase Chie was beautiful still, blue eyes catching the light like a cool pool of water.  She was dignified and graceful, and kind in everything she did.

When they had first met – when Takumi had introduced them so many years ago, in the very same place she now called her home – the first thing she'd done was hold her hand,

smile and thank her for making her son so happy.  It was something Akemi still thought about, and even now it reassured her that Iwatobi was home.

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