an unwanted aphrodisiac
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A work by xambedox adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

an unwanted aphrodisiac

“You want me to do

“I literally just demonstrated it for you what don’t you understand.”

“But Jaeho-seonsaengnim,” Minsoo whined.

He knew he really shouldn’t be arguing with the choreographer, but the choreo seemed too intimate (and not the kind of intimate he wanted to get with any of his members).

“Surely there’s something else we could do for that line. I mean, what about

reflects ‘Listen carefully to what I have to say now’?”

“Yah! Don’t talk back to me.” A pause and a roll of his eyes. “Aish. Look, I know it’s probably not the most comfortable thing but have you ever heard of fanservice? Believe me, they’ll love it.

Just suck it up.” Strict (maybe a little harsh) but understanding.

Minsoo wasn’t really sure what else to expect since that was the usual course for, well, just about anything when it came to Jaeho-hyung, but still.

He still had no idea where Jinwook stood on this, but he could only assume his hyung shared his sentiments.

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