An Unprecedented Circumstance
An Unprecedented Circumstance dwalin/ori (tolkien) stories

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A written piece by prince_ofluff adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

An Unprecedented Circumstance

Fundin was content.

It had been several years since his youngest had married and all he had known in the meantime was peace. That was not to say that the marriage between Bilbo and Thorin was always an easy one.

But he was a firm believer in passion was necessary in a marriage. Bilbo could be

passionate; it was fortunate that Thorin could be just as stubborn.

He often reflected that they were perfect for each other.

Yet he could not deny that since his three sons had moved to Erebor that he had become…lonely.

His days were spent at court and since his sons all carried favor with the Royal Durins he was often left to his own devices. In a way it was calm and peaceful…in another it was

. He had, after all, raised three boys on his own and helped maintain a colony. The inaction was worse than anything he had faced before.

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