An Unholy Alliance : Captain's Log, Year 2262
An Unholy Alliance : Captain's Log, Year 2262 mirror christopher pike stories

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An Unholy Alliance : Captain's Log, Year 2262

Captain's log - Stardate 2262.002

Toasting in the year went well. Interesting seeing Spock with Romulan ale. Since it was formulated with Vulcanoids in mind, it was interesting seeing Spock a little tipsy.

His ears flush with a darker green tone much to the amusement of both Nyota and Bones.

Tallying up last year, I have three planets under my control now and will soon have androids ready to start off other colonies.

I wonder if I can count that booby-trapped Starbase among my possessions yet? I think that's another spot I'll man with my androids.

Captain's log - Stardate 2262.005

It appears that we're getting a busy start to the year. Uhura has picked up an Romulan distress call coming from a scientific colony on Triacus.

I've had her to send word to the Romulans that we, as their allies, will investigate since none of their ships seem to be in this sector.

Like I told Spock, doesn't hurt to keep in the good graces of the Empress.

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