An Unexpected Arrangement
An Unexpected Arrangement references to child pornography stories

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An Unexpected Arrangement

An Unexpected Arrangement


Sometimes long rides were a good thing. They gave him a chance to think, a chance to remember…

He didn’t know when it started. That wasn’t true.

Although part of him knows that it had kind of started a month earlier, it had truly started the night Tara left for good, taking Thomas with her.

It had all started with a phone call that Chibs received that afternoon from his girl Ella.

Tara, who had just gotten out of jail three days earlier, where she had spent the last six months for the situation with Otto, had called Ella, asking her to pick Abel up from kindergarten.

As he knew now, Abel had said something to Ella that had set off enough alarms for her to call Chibs.

He can remember the Scot’s facial expression become darker and darker the longer he listened.

When Chibs stalked over to him, he was certain she’d told the man about the drunken kiss he had planted on her while Chibs had been on a run the previous week. If it had only been that easy.

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