An Officer and an Actress Walk into a Bar
An Officer and an Actress Walk into a Bar costumes stories

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An Officer and an Actress Walk into a Bar

“Whatcha doin’ today?” Roxy asked, popping her gum, studying the menu a bit too hard.

“Auditions, reaping, the usual,” Daisy replied breezily, fingers interlaced over her coffee cup.

Roxy grunted, flipping the menu over again.

“Oh,” Daisy raised up her hands and rested them under her chin. “Don’t tell me. The great Roxy Harvey needs a favor.”

“I need a…” Roxy slammed the menu down when she saw Daisy’s smug expression. “Just come to Victoria’s Secret with me, you smug bitch, and shut your trap, ’cause I ain’t gonna ask twice.”

Daisy made a zipping and throwaway motion, eyes dancing.

“Need a second opinion.” Roxy’s eyes narrowed so much they almost disappeared. “But don’t be gallivanting around like this makes us friends or somethin’.”

“Big date?” Daisy leaned forward like a predator on a scent.

“Maybe,” Roxy said, holding up her coffee cup for Kiffany to see.

“Tall, dark, handsome… rich?”

“Trust me, he’s not your type. Tall, dark, and would lock your ass up the second you tried to weasel his PIN outta him.”

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