An Occasional Matter of Family
An Occasional Matter of Family age of ultron compliant stories

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An Occasional Matter of Family

Timeline; this is in season 2, around episode “Bloodlust”. That means John has been dead for only a week at the beginning and Jessica died about nine months ago.

Dean came out of the bathroom toweling water out of his hair to find Sam sprawled on one of the motel beds intently studying John Winchester’s journal.

He still had his shoes on, feet hanging off the atrociously patterned bedspread.

“You’re up for the shower.” Dean smacked Sam’s legs with the towel, flopping down on the other bed in the room.

Sam just hummed in his general direction, toed his shoes off without moving from his position, and kept looking at the journal.

He broke the silence a few seconds later, rolling over to face his brother.

“Do you know anything about a hunter named ‘Tony’?”

Dean’s eyebrows shot up. “Friend of Dad’s?”

“Yeah. In his little ‘contacts’ section, look.” Sam held out the journal, the familiar handwriting knotting Dean’s stomach for a moment as he took the leather book.

Sure enough, just under the inked names “Bobby Singer” and “Ellen Harvelle” was written “Tony, California” followed by an unfamiliar telephone number.

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