An Interesting (Magical) Turn of Events
An Interesting (Magical) Turn of Events jerry ortega stories

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An Interesting (Magical) Turn of Events

Excited chatter and barely restrained anticipation fill the air, as most, if not all, students currently attending Hogwarts stand assembled on the great stairs leading up to the castle,

dividing their rapt attention between the ominous depths of the lake and the vast, clear sky.

A cry of surprised delight comes from the front and a small Hufflepuff girl, no more than a second-year, gestures to a little dark dot forming in the sky above the forbidden forest.

Kono nudges Danny, an infectious grin on her face and

Danny holds his breath with the rest of the student body, as the first winged horses come into sight, all eyes fixed on the majestic carriage emerging behind the clouds.

Then all hell breaks loose and they're abruptly smothered by boisterous exclamations and wildly waving students,

shouting their welcome to the in flying representatives of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

Loud laughter mixed with fragments of various conversations buzz around them, as the carriage draws nearer,

until the horses smoothly touch down upon the ground and they get their first glimpse of the other students.

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