An Idyll in Gunpowder
An Idyll in Gunpowder edmund hewlett stories

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An Idyll in Gunpowder

Alexander Pope,

Before the war began, no-one would have said that Bartholomew Lowndes was a man likely to ever see a turn in his fortunes.

After all, years of prosperity had done

for 'Babbling' Barty Lowndes; and he was a man who had opportunities a-plenty.

He had been a barrister's second son who had a natural bent for art, and despite his parents' fond and exasperated attempts to turn him towards a more profitable trade,

"young Barty" had left the stern respectable Protestantism of his family's house in search of his fortune - to follow his Muse, wherever she led him.

His Muse led him a merry dance that would have scandalised his parents. When he had money, he could be found 'in sweet rest' in Holy Ground or drowning his senses in cheap gin-shops.

When the money ran out, he would take to his pencil again and frequent the riotous student coffee-houses, where furtive papers were brandished about .

Bartholomew would draw amusing satires and obscene caricatures of politicians on the back of law pamphlets, on crumpled sheets of Blackstone's

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