An Eye for an Eye
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An Eye for an Eye

Carroll was in a dimly lit room in the basement, surrounded by all kinds of weapons, but mostly by shotguns.

In one of the walls, a bulletproof window and an iron door separated him from Ryan Hardy. Ryan could just watch at Carroll pointing a gun at Mike’s head.

He could not stand the sight of Mike’s bruised body tied to that chair in the middle of the room and that crazy bastard beside him.


”, Ryan pleaded banging on the window, “leave him alone! You want

, don’t you?”

“Kill me”, said Mike in a calm voice. He was scared, but he was doing his best to control his emotion. For his sake, and for Ryan’s.

“Well, aren’t you two a couple of anxious lovebirds?” asked Carroll with a chuckle. “All in due time.”

Carroll moved behind Mike and stoked his soft hair, leaning close to his ear and whispering: “Right now, it’s time for torture. Let’s make our hero’s heart beat with jealous anger, shall we?”

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