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There was a stone A shiny and a hard to find stone
By poeticwriterkuno https://poeticwriterkuno....

An Exquisite Stone

by poeticwriterkuno

There was a stone

A shiny and a hard to find stone

An exquisite stone

A stone that was wanted by many

But only few could obtain it

Then there was this girl

Maybe a girl of our age,

Or a girl who is younger,

Or maybe she’s older

No one certainly knows.

But this girl,

Normal and a not so extraordinary

Wants the stone

She desires to get the shiny and the hard stone.

And she is eager to grab it.

But people, being people

Always try to degrade her

Exhausting all means to pull her down

Making her feel that she’s nothing but a worthless soul.

Unworthy to get hold of the stone.

So this girl stumbled

She tripped and tripped over and over again.

Falling down a number of times

So we could never imagine how horrible it is.

To be alone, she’s no island

Despite this, she stood up

Unmindful of bruises and scars in her face

In her smile, hope, and passion radiate

She utters; “I may fell down a thousand times but I will always stand up a thousand and one times.”


After a countless attempts she stooped down

To seize the shiny and exquisite stone.

The stone that was wanted by many was now on her hands

Everybody was flabbergasted

No one saw it coming

Everybody asked, “How did you do it?”

And “What was your secret?”

To this, she replied; “My Passion.”

Who is this girl?

Could this be you?

Or anyone who desires to be like her

You could be the girl who had the passion.

The passion for an exquisite stone, just like your dreams.

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