An Expert Vigilante
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A fan work by whiterabbit1613 posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

An Expert Vigilante

Lenore doesn't realize what -- or rather

-- has woken her until she has knocked both of them to the floor of her bedroom.

Kato is crouched there, stoically probing the new bruise to the crane of his skull; Britt is rather more loudly bemoaning his "I think you broke it Lenore, holy

" nose.

"For god's sake!" she yells. "Why are you in my house in the middle of the night? Britt, why are you even up and about

? The doctor said --"

"I'b aseblig the teab!" Britt replies reproachfully, hand clamped to his nose. "The Greeb Horbet bust stig agaib!"

"He's been saying this all night," Kato adds.

"It couldn't wait ‘til morning?" Lenore collapses on her bed as the adrenaline starts to ebb from her legs.

Britt gives her his best impression of a withering look between cautious dabs at his nostrils. "Vigilantes do all their work at night,

"Yeah, because clearly any of us is an expert on vigilantes." Lenore rolls her eyes and grabs a pair of sweatpants from the foot of her bed.

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