An easier way to say goodbye (is to do it face to face)
An easier way to say goodbye (is to do it face to face) derek hale stories

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An easier way to say goodbye (is to do it face to face)

Stiles brought his bat down on the second to last pixie, just seconds before the last one got caught in the spell Lydia had put between two trees, bursting into flames and sparkling dust.

Huffing and puffing, the two looked at one another, silently checking that the other was okay before picking up their things and heading towards the clearing the pack agreed to meet in.

Slowly but surely, all of the pack members all slunk out of the shadows towards the cars.

Stiles slammed the jeep door and waited for any passengers before starting the engine and driving towards town.

"Stiles," Scott started, reaching over to put his hand, still covered in the bluish greenish blood of the pixies, on the human's shoulder, "are you-"

"Don't. Don't fucking touch me right now, Scott. I swear to god, if you fucking touch me or ask me if I'm okay or anything like that I will stop this car and you can walk. You screwed up, Scott.

You screwed up big time, and if Deaton and Lydia hadn't found that spell, more people would have died because you decided that your plan was the right one, without discussing it with your pack.

" Slamming on the brakes at the light, he turned to the alpha, his knuckles turning white with how tightly his hands were clenched around the steering wheel.

He glanced in the back, to where Liam and Mason were staring between the two of them, before sighing and turning back to the road. "We're done here.

I'm dropping you three off and I'm going home. If any of you call me in the next few days I will personally feed you a mixture of wolfsbane, mountain ash and kanima venom.

The only person I'll have any mercy on right now is Lydia. And that's because she literally saved the day. The rest of you can fuck off until the at least the end of the month."

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