An Assassin's Heart Never Wavers
An Assassin's Heart Never Wavers prince phillip (maleficent) stories

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An Assassin's Heart Never Wavers

Maleficent was going to kill someone tonight.

Dressed in a black tunic and tight black stretchy pants for moving around silently, she was armed to the teeth with multiple daggers and a handgun.

She nodded to the security guard of the Moors Building deep in the heart of downtown, in one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city.

The bouncer eyed her, but she smiled with those deep red lips and he turned away, stupidly grinning from ear to ear.

It was a great gift she had learned; simply smiling or blowing a kiss towards most men could do wonders.

Men tended to stare at her, Maleficent found out from an early age, and so she realized she could use her beauty to her advantage.

She pressed the elevator button to the top floor, where her target was, and checked the address Diaval had found for her.

Penthouse, she snickered to herself quietly. Of course Stefan would.

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