An [A]nthology of 'What If' questions
An [A]nthology of 'What If' questions fanfiction stories

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An [A]nthology of 'What If' questions

Germania Eldestein is not a familial man.

He was 25, single (divorced, really, because arranged marriages don't last long apparently),

life thoroughly filled with work and damage control for the antics of his ‘best friend’ and an overall bad conversationalist. (It was often said he was too curt.)

And yet Germania Eldestein's house somehow manages to find its vast proportions filled with

. Children, who should not be here.

Roderich is, at the very least (and according to the hasty, scrawled note in the boy's hand), his.

Germania just opens the door one day and the boy is sitting on his front step, soaked, with a car speeding off in the distance. He had been, roughly gauged by Germania, 4.

Germania grunts, lets him in and crashes through his newfound fatherhood. (He tries to remember the one night stand the note mentions, and fails.)

Roderich likes music, arts and the kid next door apparently. One of the above three will sate him where food and other basic necessities do not.

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