An Angel's Sacrifice
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An Angel's Sacrifice

Over the next week several things happened. Caleb and Sarah became nigh inseparable, which was nothing any of them didn't expect.

Pouge had sat Kate down and told her everything, he felt it was her right to know. The rest of the Sons, plus Sarah and Tahlia were there to help Pouge no matter her decision.

Which it turns out wasn't good. She blamed them all for what had happened, for the danger her life was put in, but she directed it mostly at Pouge.

Even though Sarah told her it wasn't Pouge's fault and she didn't hold Caleb or any of them responsible, it didn't matter to Kate, she couldn't forget like Sarah had.

She wasn't okay with any of it and in the end Tahlia had no choice but to make Kate forget everything that had happened.

None of them wanted it to happen, but Kate was a danger to them all, she knew about them and could spill their secret at any moment.

So Tahlia made her think that she had simply had an allergic reaction and had spent a few days in the hospital.

And even though Pouge had begged her, Tahlia couldn't change Kate's mind about their relationship.

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