An Angel In a Leather Jacket
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A fiction by superasia8 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

An Angel In a Leather Jacket


Dan ducked down from the thrown heel, unconsciously hiding his head in his pastel sweater. Eyes wide, he stared at the small, petite blonde girl in front of him.

"You were never there!", Ellie shouted. Her eyes shone with anger and her balled fists spoke for themselves. She was very much damn angry. Dan had never heard someone speak so loud.

"Oh, so it is my fault now, huh?" came a retort from behind him.

"You wouldn't even have time for me! Didn't consider it'd be good to call!"

Her hair moved up and down as she bent on the floor of the hall. Upon finding nothing else, she grabbed one of the books from her bag.

A Geography coursebook in her hand was ready to be launched in Dan's direction.

"I swear to God you're the most annoying on this planet!” yelled Rob, his friend, who stood behind him."I told you- I told you so many times I've called! It's not my fault your phone is shit!"

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