An Affair to Remember
An Affair to Remember sherlock (tv) stories

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An Affair to Remember

All over the world the social media networks were jammed with news feeds that read something like this, “Sherlock Holmes to marry rich American Heiress Nina Summers,

Nina has finally found her romantic destiny with the detective Sherlock Holmes, she is worth 900 million.

Well, it doesn’t take the world’s greatest detective to figure out that 900 Million is a lot of cheddar in any language.”

Nina wanted Sherlock to see the world before they were married, so she sent him on a world cruise.

Sherlock walked on the deck of the ship, smoking a cigarette, he was bored and only agreed to go on this stupid cruise because Nina wished it.

Sherlock was so preoccupied that he barely noticed when his cigarette case clattered to the wooden floor.

John Watson was getting married to a barrister that had dated him for years, she had groomed him, educated him in the arts and finer things of life,

and so now John supposed that it was time to get married. Sharon was a wonderful person, so why didn’t he feel more excited? When Sharon offered to send him on a cruise, John jumped at the idea.

All these thoughts fled his mind as he bent down and picked up the gold plated cigarette case and started to hand it to the tall green-eyed man that stood in front of him.

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