an act of kindness
an act of kindness no pronouns for reader stories

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fanfic by khismer posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

an act of kindness

You hadn’t even known he was there.

Well – that was the intention, you suppose. If you’d felt like you were being

on top of all the other strangeness inherent in the situation, you might have just turned tail and went right back into the elevator without even trying to find the apartment.

You certainly wouldn’t have stood in front of the door like a fool, so absorbed in typing up lie after lie that you didn’t notice him creeping up behind you.

You just – you thought maybe, if it seemed like you had gotten lost, made it to the wrong apartment or

, he’d stop pressing the issue and just give the phone to the police to figure it out.

You’d swear, for a second, your heart stopped, and you typed out a response with shaking hands.

You didn’t anticipate being called out on the lie, so how could you possibly think, as you stared on in shock at those words on your screen,

that a hand would close on your wrist and shake you from your confusion.

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