An Abundance of Blue-Eyed Men
An Abundance of Blue-Eyed Men crossover stories

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An Abundance of Blue-Eyed Men

Jim thought, "Did I ingest some pretty good drugs without knowing if? I'm Hallucinating look a likes of myself. Wouldn't that drive Bones crazy."

He was looking at a room full of doppelgangers busily engaged in conversation or wandering the observation deck of his beloved starship Enterprise.

He whistled loudly and they all startled, some more than others.

"Hey, man!!", shouted a sharp dressed individual, "are you trying to burst our eardrums?.....Oh, wait, it's another one!! Who are you?"

"That's The question I was about to ask all of you." Kirk spoke firmly, watching a crew cut version of himself help a fallen version who appeared to be unable to see.

A richly dressed version of himself with poufy hair stood examining the 3-d chess boards, quite fascinated with the futuristic game.

Meanwhile, The first look alike to speak to him came up and offered his hand.

"Franklin Foster, at your service," he said with a smarmy grin. "The blonde highlights are good look, if I do say so myself."

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