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American ZOmbies

The camp began forming almost straight away. Everyone had rushed to get to the city as advised before quickly realising it was way too overcrowded to fit them comfortably.

And then the city became over run quickly. Those who now lived in the camp had arrived late, been stuck in the traffic into the city.

Very few people lived in the camp. There was Spartacus with his family, Sura and daughter Lacy. His friend from the police department Crixus, and his wold wife Naevia.

There was many men, mostly from various police, army type forces. The German brothers Agron and Duro.

And a few other families, including a man called Barca and his husband, Pietros, Lucretia and Batiatus and Oenomaus, “Doc”, and his wife Melitta.

There were also a few single people, including Mira and Kore.

Spartacus quickly became the leader, he and Crixus found way to fortify the camp.

Traps and sound systems around the camp to warn the camp if any walkers were near, though they rarely got near, they were quiet far from the city here.

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