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Fury didn’t like unknowns. He didn’t like mysteries. He definitely didn’t like unpredictability.

Therefore, nothing was more guaranteed to ruin his day than a situation involving Alfred F. Jones.

Otherwise know as the human embodiment of the United States of America or the Personification of America.

Obnoxious and overly friendly the man seemed to find even the most pressing situations irritatingly hilarious, fumbling blindly into the most random of occurrences.

Always grinning and with a pedant for sprouting ridiculous ideas Fury often wondered how the United States ended up with the idiot as their Personification.

Sure Americans weren’t the brightest bunch but good god if Jones didn’t try his patience every time they met.

And anyone who said that Jones wasn’t the most irritating man to walk the earth needed a good punch in the face.

Anything to do with the concept of a Country Personification was, in itself, enough to give him a headache on the best of days. They were a security nightmare.

Mostly, this was due to the fact that Personifications seamed to have some of the most inconstant abilities he had ever witnessed in a metahuman and, coming from him, that was saying something.

Personifications could move at great speeds, but not all the time. They could teleport…sometimes. Superhuman strength? Yeah, sure, why not? But only when the circumstances were right.

He had seen the Jones toss cars around and survive hundred foot drops yet be taken out by a simple punch to the face.

Top scientists gave him squat in way of explanation aside from evidence that he was 100% human, which was bullshit.

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