Ambulate In Via Iterum
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Ambulate In Via Iterum

Amestris had changed a lot in the last few years. A new Fuhrer, who came an official parliament that actually had power and pushed the rebuilding of Ishval.

Things were - finally - moving in a better direction. Alchemy research was far less war driven and more technological advancement now, a movement which Eden supported as best as she could.

She could share her research, and encourage others to keep trying, even if she could no longer do alchemy herself any more.

In fact, she was about to go into one of the classes at Central University and talk to the students. Some of whom were older than her, but she didn’t care.

She knew they would respect her, they always did. Being the former Hero of the People and the Fuhrer’s wife had its perks.

Eden glanced over at the guard she was required to have with her; Roy threw fits when she ditched the man so she just lived with it.

The guy wasn't so bad, he could actually hold a decent conversation, even if he wasn't an alchemist. Though, she didn’t care much as she wasn’t one anymore herself.

He reminded her a little of Hughes, without the constant pictures and gushing (though, now she wouldn't have minded those things if it meant the man would have been alive.

) “Everything clear?” she asked, somewhat blandly. It would be, she knew it, but he had to keep the standard procedure.

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