am i bisexual?: the neptune vasilias story
am i bisexual?: the neptune vasilias story rooster teeth/achievement hunter/funhaus rpf stories

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am i bisexual?: the neptune vasilias story

There he was -- lanky and awkward with a mess of shaggy blond hair and freckles here and there. He wore his cheap, hand me down armor which almost put your fancy red coat to shame.

He moved a bit funny, kinda quick but a little hesitant and it brought a grin to your face.

His voice cracked, sometimes, and he’d have this look on his face that said ‘I hope no one heard that’, but

heard it and

thought it was cute as hell.

Sometimes, you noticed, he’d walk on his toes, but

, if not rarely. And you felt special, because you saw these rare moments. He had a thing about masculinity and you didn’t know

, but you knew he had it and he probably did that toe thing to appear taller and you felt embarrassed for him.

When his feet were tired, he’d trip a little, stopping himself and quickly regaining his composure. And he would do that cute ‘

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