Always So Melodramatic
Always So Melodramatic tsuzuku (mejibray) stories

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Always So Melodramatic

I sigh as I finish my last cigarette, stubbing it out in the ash tray on my desk.

I’d been scribbling a bunch of worthless drawings—nothing was coming out well, art block is a bitch—and I was running out of patience for them.

Sleep has been evading me, or rather, I’ve been evading

after some strange dreams I’ve been having lately, of piercing eyes, roses, walls dripping with blood.

I need some inspiration to get my mind off of it, so I decide to go see if there were any new manga at the store.

After pulling on and oversized graphic tee, I grab my wallet and keys and shuffle into my shoes.

It is just approaching afternoon as I step outside of my apartment building, and I hop on my bike, taking off towards the heart of town.

I hop off my bike in front of my favorite manga shop, resting it against the building. A bell above the door rings as I enter.

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