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Always Mine

Late afternoon and people still want their damn coffee. I'd given up trying to understand the need for a caffeine rush at this hour. Though that didn’t make it any less irritating.

It wasn’t my money they were spending. It was easy to forget that not everyone avoided coffee as much as I did. I was too high strung to intentionally get more wired with a cup o’ joe.

The jitters and the panic attacks weren’t worth it. I almost wished that Christa would close shop earlier but that’d be a waste of a wish.

She would keep her doors open for as long as people would come to spend their money. Even though it pained me to say so, I depended on their money just as much as her business did.

“What can I get for you?” I asked, glancing up at the customer. He stepped to my register and proceeded to stare at the menu for a while longer.

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