Always a Thief
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Always a Thief

We got the necklace.

I finally got it off her neck and into my hands! I chased the Estrela girl all the way into that tango club, and even after all that happened in there, the goods ended up on my side.

Call me greedy, I don’t care. But I still wanted more.

It was Bolso, my partner in crime, who snatched the diamonds back from Sol in the end, and I couldn’t stop thinking of that woman who was with him - the lady in the form-fitting purple gown,

with golden hair, ruby lips, and yes… more eye-catching jewels on her neck.

She already liked me, I was sure of that. The moment we met eyes outside the club she stopped dead in her tracks, then turned away all bashful and beautiful.

She had been dragging around the poor Bolso boy like a sack of cash all night, but I was sure that she would jump at the chance to be with the dazzling Ouro instead.

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