Altruism versus Purity
Altruism versus Purity first chapter is rushed stories

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Altruism versus Purity

"Ugh...Ow, my head..." It wasn't just his head. Everything hurt. His limbs were sore and his back was stiff. He lay there for a while, giving the ache some time to die down.

It took a while for him to get himself on his feet.

His name was Yuudai Tanaka; he knew that much. But what else? There must be more, right? He could not remember. He looked down at himself. Tall, thin, pale.

He had a mess of blonde hair that reached his shoulders. He had on a simple black shirt and tan baggy pants with lots of pockets that definitely did not fit right.

His shoes were brown slip-ons and he had no socks.

There was no wind, but the room Yuudai was in felt cool, almost enough to give him goosebumps. He held his arms close to himself, feeling rather underdressed in the chill.

Upon realizing he had no idea where he was, Yuudai looked around, swiveling his head from left to right. The space was seemingly endless. It could hardly be called a room.

It was more like...nothing. The air was still, and the space above him reached up into infinity. There was nothing below him either, and it seemed as if he was suspended in space.

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