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Sometimes when Wanda uses her powers, she sees images swirling in the mist. At first she thinks they're tricks of the light; her eyes looking for patterns and finding them where there are none.

She would often see Pietro’s final moments in her hex bolts; the bullets striking him, the way his body struck the ground.

Then, one day when she is practicing throwing hex bolts outside the Avengers compound, Bucky interrupts her.

“Hey Wanda, did you see that?” he asks.

“See what?” she says, turning to him and shaking out her hands.

“The… the face. When you did your magic thing. In the cloud. I swear I saw a face… I guess it was nothing.”

He lowers his head, his eyebrows pushed together.

“Really? You saw a face?” she asks.

“Yeah,” he says, looking back up at her.

“I thought it was just me!” she shouts, “I see things in the mist all the time. I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.”

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