Alone at last
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Alone at last

Adam drops his bag on the bed and does a slow turn around the little room.

It’s the first night of the new tour, the very first night on the road with everyone and everything: band, dancers, crew, roadies, plus trucks and trucks all full of gear.

, Adam sinks down onto the edge of the brand new bed with that thought reverberating in his head. His third, sort of. Fourth if you counted Idol, fifth if he included Queen.

Adam snorted to himself. Of course he included Queen. Shit, that was one hell of a tour.

The last few years… Adam grins and shakes his head.

Touring with Idol had been an exhausting blur of interviews and promotion mixed with cramped busses and arenas filled with screaming fans.

It had been everything he’d wanted and he still couldn’t remember half of it.

Then there was the first tour on his own, with his own music. It had been terrifying and awesome, and beyond anything he’d ever dreamt of.

He’d been surround by friends that had become family singing his heart every night for real. And holy shit the booze and the smoke and the pretty boys.

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