Alone Among Friends
Alone Among Friends ricky fitness stories

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A fanfic by fatalsmiles posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Alone Among Friends

It was often two in the morning when Commander woke up. It was never much of a surprise to him anymore.

Restlessness seemed to be a frequency and, as the years went by, he found it harder and harder to go back to sleep.

Why exactly he couldn't settle back down had been a mystery for the first few months it started happening.

But after lying awake, night after night,

waiting for sleep to envelope him once more he reached two conclusions: 1) The bed was not as comfortable as it used to be and he needed to call the mattress store up town. 2) He was lonely.

The first problem was easily remedied. The second stunned him. The concept was difficult for Commander to understand. He slept in a room with three other men and a robot.

He hung out with these same guys all the time. He and his team did rad things just about every single day. He was a hip and devastatingly handsome person. He was the leader of the Aquabats!

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