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I want to find my other half, but this cruel world is vast.
By TeamShadowWind


by TeamShadowWind

I want to find my other half,

but this cruel world is vast.

Without Him, I’m a broken heart,

unsure how long I’ll last.

A lot of miles I’ll traverse

in deep search for my Only.

But presently I find myself

That word I loathe- lonely.

My other half is far from me;

A place I fail to reach.

Because of this I long to cry,

but I am starved of speech.

In this maze of hurt and pain

there’s much doubt of my worth.

I ponder why I suffer so,

and have been since my birth.

The half so cruelly torn from me

seems like a far off dream.

I want Him here to ease my pain-

I ache, but cannot scream.

I sometimes question whether [or]

reward comes after pain;

Or will I be another scum

left out in pouring rain?

A worry comes that there’s a chance

nobody waits for me.

I struggle and deny the truth;

It simply cannot be.

But as the months and years wear on

the risk of “no” sinks in.

The day comes when I find the truth-

why’d foolish me begin?

A feeling stirs inside of me,

a sinking sense of dread.

I’ll never find my other half-

my other half is dead.

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