Almost Purgatory
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Almost Purgatory

Title: Almost Purgatory

Fandom: Kamen Rider Kuuga

Characters/Pairing: Godai Yuusuke/Ichijou Kaoru

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine, anything mentioned here by name isn't mine

Warnings: Some mentionings of depression

Notes: Post-series, spoilers apply. For hc_bingo (prompts are "loss of voice," "purgatory," "invisible," and "unwanted transformation."

At first, Godai wasn’t going to come back.

He still had nightmares. He still thought about the people he couldn’t save, and the people he could hurt, if he wasn’t careful.

The plan had been to return to Japan only when he was truly happy (because after everything Ichijou had gone through, he didn’t deserve anything less).

He wanted to be someone that Ichijou could rely on again, trust again.

But time passed, and he wasn’t happy. At all.

Godai moved to his left so a small group of high schoolers could get to the campus on time. He wasn’t magically happy and cheerful again. But not every memory of Japan was a bad one.

This was where he’d grown up with his sister, and met his favorite teacher. And this was where Ichijou lived.

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