Almost Paradise
Almost Paradise mark sloan (diagnosis murder) stories

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Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise


Word count: 3608

Disclaimer: CHiPs, Buffy, CSI and Diagnosis Murder don't belong to me.

A/N: Episodes mentioned are Crash Course (1/4/81) and Surf's Up (1/19/78).


Almost Gone

Jon gazed out at the street from his balcony and wondered if it was really the right choice to be looking for a position outside L.A. It would be a drastic change, but maybe it would help.

He needed to do something; just being here was hurting him too much. Every time Ponch smiled or flirted with a woman just cut too deep these days.

He laughed at himself and turned to go back inside; wondering when exactly he'd started to fall in love with the younger man.

There wasn't that much difference in their ages; just enough that when they first met Jon considered him a bit of a punk...hell...that first meeting might have been it.

The first smile Ponch had shot off at him over his shoulder on that dirt bike after soaring over his patrol car. Yeah...that was the first time Jon had felt the thrill...

only it hadn't hurt the way it did now.

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