Almost Lover
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Almost Lover

I could feel the smooth cement caress the underside of the car. You could always know how smooth the cement was by the swift sound of it caressing the wheels

They say time changes everything. That is but a load of crap. Doing things changes things, not doing anything leaves things exactly the way they were.

Now, pretending to have done something, leaves you with false beliefs of change, sandcastles that build up beautifully.

My senses always seemed to be so in tune with my surroundings here, as I've already memorized every curve of every road leading to our destination.

Once I had turned 16, and was supposed to get a license, I came to a realization that I did not know the roads to anywhere.

I realized that every other time I was ever in a car, I had spaced out that I had never paid attention to the directions.

I watch the scenery change, anticipating what's next to come. Everything in life is about anticipation, while anticipation itself is a synonym to a thousand other things.

I smiled, bemusedly, frowning at the fact I still remembered. It was the sort of smile that comes after what you've had coming at you, finally arrive.

It's handing in your exam, smiling goofily because you failed, and knowing all you did the night before was pretend you've been studying.

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