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This happened when I was about 18 years old. I was big into running back then and lived in a town that was a suburb but had big swaths of farm land (as in smallish tomato and strawberry fields not huge never-ending wheat fields).
By AHuxl

Almost kidnapped while running

by AHuxl

This happened when I was about 18 years old.

I was big into running back then and lived in a town that was a suburb but had big swaths of farm land (as in smallish tomato and strawberry fields not huge never-ending wheat fields).

I preferred running on the dirt at the edges of these fields because it was a lot easier on my legs then running long distances on concrete or asphalt,

and I was usually training for half marathons (13.1 miles for those who aren't insane enough to think running is fun).

This particular day I was planning to run an "easy" 6 miles. I told my mom and she suggested I do a loop and meet them at the dog park about 3 miles from our house as my 1/2 way point.

This is pre-cell phone era (when all the craziest shit went down) but being careful I took a walkie-talkie my dad always used and my mom took the other one.

Now, the walkie-talkie had a range longer than the ones my brothers and I played around with when we were younger,

but it definitely did NOT work 3 miles away and I honestly had no idea what it's exact range was.

So, I take off on my run. I'm planning to go on the sidewalk for a little bit until I get to the fields (I think it was lettuce or something then, but short small plants).

I'm running in the dirt with the road a few yards to my left. I have to run south and then turn right onto a slightly smaller, less traveled road to get to the dog park.

As I'm running on the first dirt part my parents drive by and, being dorks, they honk and wave and yell at me.

I wave and then soon after make my turn onto the smaller road.

This one is road, me on flat dirt, small drainage ditch, forever of lettuce field, then a wall that is the back yard of some houses.

I start noticing how quiet this street is and how few cars are passing me. Then I randomly start thinking to myself "If someone tried to do something I could run to those houses.

No, they're so far away, I'd never make it.."

Then I hear a car. But this one doesn't pass me like all the others. I hear it slow down so that it is behind me, just out of my peripheral vision.

My senses go super alert and I immediately realize what a dumbass I was to pick this route because I'm stuck out here with no one to help me and no where to hide.

The car starts speeding up enough so that it's next to me and I glance over and see a man. Middle age, white, dark hair. Totally normal looking, but I get a chill down my spine immediately.

He sort of leans over into the passenger seat and says in a super sweet voice "Hi! Where are you going? Do you need a ride?"

I am sacred and I realize this is not good.

Admittedly nothing has "happened" yet and he could be totally innocently just wanting to chat, but my intuition is in overdrive telling me I'm not safe.

I hop over the ditch thinking at least that will make it harder for his car to follow me if I need to take off across the field to try and make it to those houses in the distance.

This pisses him off.

He guns it, and gets closer to the ditch and in front of where I am and then he says in a voice I can only describe as bone-chillingly evil "You know, you shouldn't be out here all alone.

Something horrible could happen to you out here and no one would ever know where to find you".

He has put his car in park and is taking off his seat belt when I remember the walkie talkie.

The piece of crap is all static because I'm too far away, so I immediately turn down the volume and say LOUDLY "Hey dad! Yeah, yeah I see your car!

I'm over here by this red Buick, do you see me?

(fake wave to no one)" There was no car coming from the direction my parents were and when I had started talking there was no one behind us either,

but by the grace of the universe at that exact moment a car turned onto that road. The guy saw it, looked at me, and sped off so fast he left skid marks.

I have never run faster in my life, and I was looking behind me every few seconds and thought he'd be waiting for me at every intersection I had to cross.

I was shaking I was so scared and relieved when I got to that goddamn dog park. I told my parents everything and my mom called the cops.

They took a statement but said it would just help if something actually "happened" to someone else.

The weird part was, I was having trouble getting my story out I was so upset and before I gave a description of the car the cop asked "was it a red Buick?

" He wouldn't tell us why, but that just added to my feeling that I had narrowly escaped something awful.

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