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Almega Rising

As lame duck President Donald Sutcliffe waddles out of office and with the Lecters set to lose the protection of the White House, shocking secrets ripping this family apart are about to emerge.

Rumours suggesting all is not well in the Graham-Lecter marriage and that a split is imminent have recently surfaced.

The roguishly handsome Hannibal Lecter has been cutting a dashing figure on the society scene for several weeks.

Always surrounded by female admirers, he has been accepting the many awards thrown his way for his architectural accomplishments.

Conspicuous by his absence, Will Graham-Lecter rarely appears in public, with a close friend saying the stay at home Omega is sick and tired of his Alpha's roving eye.

As Alana Lecter continues to keep a low profile since ditching her cheating fiancé, brother Zeller has spread his wings and flown the family nest.

Considered the blandest of the siblings, he has chosen to pursue his career in another state, leaving behind this relationship-doomed family.

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