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All the World's a Stage

It is a fact:

Frank can’t act.

He’s bad generally:

Arson; stealing; shoving kids into lockers;

But his acting’s worse.

The curse of the macho man.

Rehearsal, and he’ll purposefully lose his script.

Last verse of a song and he’ll lip-sync;

Get ripped a new one by the drama teacher

For mouthing along to the words.

Acting is not Frank’s thing.

He can

(Not very well)

But he’ll sing as Frank.

He can

(Not very well)

But, when he tries to act,

They think the audition’s some kind of prank of his.

(He auditioned once,

Aged ten,

For one of Robin Hood’s merry men in a year six school play:

The role of Will Scarlett.

His resolute ‘never again’

Has stayed with him since.)

So he doesn’t act.

From the moment he kneels,

He doesn’t act.

In the moment he pauses,

It’s not an act.

As he holds in his lap

The boy who’s dying

He stops feeling shy.

He stops acting.

He starts

the part

For Stephen.

And the part he’s being is himself.

The part of himself

He can’t be forever.

The part of Frank

He wants to give to Stephen

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