all the truth that i've said
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all the truth that i've said


The Calm is coming.

He draws in a shaky breath and buries the half of his mouth deeper into his scarf. He can hear their footsteps echoing after them, the atmosphere too stagnant to even disperse sound.

It can't mean anything good.

He isn't afraid, per se, as he watches Kuriyama and Inami turn away from them, leaving him alone with Akkey, but he hasn't got any excuse for the uncomfortable churning of his insides either.

Mitsuki is nowhere to be seen and sweet, stubborn Akkey is staring at Kuriyama's retreating back with that self-incriminating look on his face that makes his blood run cold,

dread coiling fast in the pit of his stomach.

A sudden autumn breeze knocks off reddish-brown leaves from the trees around them and he says, "Akkey", in a voice as stern as can be,

levelling the other boy with a heavy stare when he looks up at him.

"Don't take this lightly" he says, looking to the side at the fading sun on the horizon.

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