All the Things Unsaid
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All the Things Unsaid

A missing scene to Twin Brothers

Mona steered the car quickly and deftly through the streets, the rain pelting against the windshield, the wipers almost going on overload.

There were thankfully not many cars out, mainly because of the bad weather, and she only once gnashed her teeth at a slow driver.

She knew she was breaking the speed limit, that she had barely missed a red light, but she had to hurry.

The rain had started about five minutes after she had come to a screeching stop outside the police precinct, and it had taken her almost too long to put the hardtop back on her convertible.

By the time she had, cursing and muttering, she had been soaked, as had been her passenger, which was even worse.

A moan came from the other seat and she risked a quick glance. Ace Cooper lay slumped against the window, his breathing uneven and pained, his eyes closed.

Wet hair hung into his face, his skin pale and almost waxen. He was soaking wet and the seat was by now soaked as well, but Mona didn't care.

What she cared about was the man she knew was the real Ace Cooper. Something had happened to him, something bad, and the double was the perpetrator.

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