All The Sweet Things
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All The Sweet Things

1. Today Mom told me something she thought I didn't know, and she said it like I should be upset, or mad. Sometimes she talks to me like I'm an adult.

I like being treated like I'm not just a kid, but I hate when she says mean stuff about my dad and Uncle Danny. I'm not even allowed to

them but it had two bad "F" words in it. "Your father is a f-ing f-got now, and it's all that needy little nebbish Rydell's fault.

" Then she said something about Uncle Danny's"stupid puppy eyes." Now I'm mad, at Mom.

2. When my mom and dad were splitting up, I had to go talk to someone about how I was feeling.

I didn't like it very much because she didn't know me, so I didn't want to tell her stuff like that. So I would just say "I'm fine" and play scrabble with her. She had the stupid kid version.

When Dad and Uncle Danny taught me, we used the real one, with the wood. Dr Jayne is nice enough, but her perfume makes my eyes water. Then she thinks I'm crying, but I'm not.

I wouldn't give her the satisfaction.

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